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Municipal Alliance

The Municipal Alliance Committee is in its 20th year of drug prevention programs. New Jersey is the only state that has this type of program. It was formed by the Governor in 1989.

The Committees sponsor programs that are good for their towns. All towns have programs after school that teach children how to live a healthy life style and how to avoid drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

The money is monitored by the State, County and local government. Each year the Chairperson of each town in the State of NJ fills out a Grant and funds come to the towns from State drug fines. Money is given to each town is based on population. Since we are one of the smallest towns in the State of NJ we get only a small portion of the funding. The Committee plans drug alternative programs and stretches each dollar using the volunteer committee, other helpers and advisors.

Each year some programs are repeated and new ones added.

During the programs there are lessons taught about staying away from drugs and alcohol and basic drug prevention.
We have had a Cook’s Club for several years, every year we have Kindergarten basic education about saying ‘no’ to drugs program and a Teddy Bear day in Kindergarten. The students bring in a Teddy Bear and tell us why he shouldn’t use drugs.
Each October we celebrate Red Ribbon Week in Gateway Regional High School and the Elementary School with posters, slogans, poetry contests, prizes and many reminders of why drug prevention is important. Banners and red ribbons are tied around the school yard trees by the MAC volunteers. This tradition was started many years ago by Councilwoman Susan Degnen.

We have had a Games Club for 2nd Graders. This instruction teaches the basics of Checkers, Chess, Bingo, UNO and marbles.
Other clubs are, Art Club, Gardening Club, and Bird Club, and Fishing Club. All these are ‘hands on’ activity clubs. A wooden bird house is made by students and they get a bird caller and book about bird habits and feeders.

A new class that we sponsor at the Elementary School is “ Keepin’ It REAL”. This means Refuse, Explain, Avoid and Leave. This is a 10 week program that is designed to instill good decision making skills, teaching prevention tactics against alcohol, tobacco and other drugs as well as peer pressure.

The MAC cosponsors a trip to Camp Ockanickon in May the Sixth Grade. They attend this for the opportunity to build partnership and leadership skills that are valuable throughout life.

We have programs at Gateway. The Balloon Club is continuing into its seventh year. The students learn balloon sculpturing from two experts and each get an air pump, balloons, instruction book and classroom instructions. Some of the students become so good at this that they have entertained at birthday parties for little family members.

A KIV (Keys to Inner Visions) program at Gateway teaches students refusal skills, respect of older people and how a person needs to take responsibility for their own actions, and other healthy life skills.

All these clubs are teaching interesting and worthwhile activities and hobbies that can be used though out life. Students are taught that learning and developing skills to use now and in the future are better for them than using drugs and shows them how to have a more meaningful life.






Meeting Schedule

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Borough Council
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Board of Ed.; or Administrators of the School District
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Law Enforcement Community
Two Students
Local school districts
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Community Service Organization Member
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Clergyman or his representative
Eight Members
of the Community
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Local Senior Citizens Organization
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Teachers within the local school districts

Mayor & Council


Resolution 42-2012



Public Laws 1989, Chapter 51

N.J.S.A. 2C:35-15, et seq.

1 Year






Richard Gambale Jr.
Council Liaison
Governing Body

1 yr.

President-School Board
Superintendent of Schools
Student Assistance Coordinator 1 yr.
Parent-Teachers Association

1 yr.

Teachers Bargaining Unit
Victoria Holmstrom  Chairperson Chamber of Commerce 12/31/2024
Local Court System
Local Civic Association

1 yr.

Local Religious Group
Senior Citizens

1 yr.

Individual directly effected by ATOD abuse
Labor Union
Concerned Citizen

1 yr.

Treatment organizations SODAT Pres.