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2023-24 Trash & Recycling Schedule
Bulk Pickup Request

Brush Collection:
Branches must be bundled 3’ wide by 4’ long.
Please place grass clippings in cans if possible. (PLEASE DO NOT BAG GRASS CLIPPINGS)
Only leaves in bio-degradable bags or 35 gallon cans will be picked up.
They should not exceed 50 lbs in weight. Please do NOT dump your yard waste in easement areas or the woods.
The Public Works Department will pick up yard debris on Mondays and other days if time allows.
If a holiday falls on a Monday, this material will be collected the following Monday.

Metal/White Good items include such things as: Swing sets, patio furniture, grills, large appliances, bed frames, etc., will be picked up on Tuesdays. In order to have metal/white goods picked up, please email UTILITIESCLERK@BWHNJ.COM or Public Work’s at PPWM@BWHNJ.COM to be added to the Metal/White Goods List no later than noon on the business day prior to scheduled pick up.

Trash, Solids and Metal collection for east side of railroad tracks (Glassboro Road, Lake and Academy Sections)
Metals include washers, dryers, refrigerators, etc.


Single Stream Recycling collection throughout the Borough
Recyclables include: newspapers, other paper (junk mail), cardboard, plastic containers #1 and #2, glass, aluminum and steel cans.
Place all together in blue container.